Mad Max: Fury Road Official Comic-Con Trailer (2014)


P e t e r ,   i t ’ s   m e

Paul Newman during the filming of “Paris Blues” (1961)

why seb stan is problematic


  • he hugged people at a con when he wasn’t supposed to
  • he forgot to wash his hair for comic con 2013
  • he said wiotch one time like that is a problem in and of itself
  • sometimes he doesnt button his shirts up all the way
  • v necks
  • also transparent shirts
  • skinny jeans like who do you think you are some kind of hip teen
  • does he dress in the dark or something what a dweeb
  • doesnt know how to dress for tennis
  • he lives in starbucks
  • binge watched friends
  • he went to prom THREE TIMES
  • seems to regret everything he says
  • always wasting perfectly good alcohol by pouring it on himself
  • cant answer interview questions without saying “um” or “you know”
  • his tongue is out of control
  • slammin thighs and bedroom eyes
  • feel free to add anything you can think of

Noomi Rapace at the Warners & GQ Summer Party at Shoreditch House on July 17, 2014 in London, England.


"dick is abundant and low value" i am screaming



This wasn’t one of you, right?